Will you dream

will you play

will you sing

and mend with me?

“Kristin’s music is like a lovely faerie spell that bends time and space, taking you to parts of your soul you forgot existed. She is a beautiful enchantress. The original weaver of dreams.” 

- Dasha Bond

Award winning writer,

 dream teacher and tasseographer

“Never have I experienced a poet, artist or songbird that meets their authenticity like she does. The doorway she is to the land of dreams….”

- Shambia

National sales manager


Meinl sonic energy

“Every person with a dream or song in their heart will hear Kristin’s  words and feel her music from these soul dreams. They crack the earth, and, with magic, offer salvation for wounded hearts.”

- Wanda Easter Burch

Author, The Home Voices Speak Louder than the Drums (2017, McFarland)

She Who Dreams (2003, New World Library)

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