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In my dreams, I hear songs…

and I bring them back to the best of my ability.  In dreams I have traveled through time and through the veils, up the waterfalls and down to the river of mist.  These stories from the dreamtime come to me as songs. Many also come from waking visions and journeys.

Allowing myself to create in this way, at this late hour, feels as though I have discovered a secret room in my mansion. In this room there is story and poetry and music. There is multi-dimensional travel. There are wise guides and faeries, dragons and mystical journeys. There is dreaming and remembering. There is love and myth and healing and everything that thrills and delights me. 

To share this now after denying it for so long feels like a wild freedom. We are all dream travelers with hidden rooms to discover. We all have these longings in our hearts. I believe that any longing in our hearts is holy. And I have come to understand that to answer and offer them is an act of love.

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