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“ I am the dreamer

Eternally wandering

And my traveling feet

are bringing me back where I started…"

I was wading in the ocean in the moonlight. My “faithful servant” was beside me. The water was still and calm but soon the waves began to grow wild. A terrific storm was coming. Suddenly we were in a boat riding up a waterfall. I was terrified because I had a bag of “precious jewels” in my hand and I was afraid I’d lose hold of them. I entrusted them to my faithful servant.

"I have a bag of secrets

And the most dazzling stones

And we’ll never be parted"

As we neared the top another boat began to descend. I recognized Nancy from Oliver Twist sitting in the front of the boat. Above the roar of the waterfall I yelled, “What’s the password???” She told me what it was and then said, ”But you won’t need it where you’re going. You’re about to know all the pain of the watery depths.” She pushed down with all her strength on the side of our boat and capsized us. We sank into the mysterious darkness, lower and lower and lower still.

"What if I knew I was beautiful? I was strong?

What if I knew I was fearless as the dawn?

What if I knew I could fly to some faraway field

And take any form that I needed to heal you?

What if I knew? What if I knew?

This was a dream…."

I thought I must be close to drowning. From far off I began to hear something. I didn’t know what it was for a moment but then I realized it was a whale song. It was so beautiful that I began to cry and as my tears joined the salt sea, I found myself able to breath and then suddenly in a rescue boat with a life preserver on. My faithful servant was sitting beside me. He had made it too, though I didn’t know if he had managed to keep my bag of jewels safe. I couldn’t see it anywhere.

"An heroic explorer

Faithful friend by my side

Clutching my bag of stones

We’re in for a treacherous ride

Though I survived

My secrets all bailed on me

Betrayed by time

And a ravenous sea

What if I knew I could gently row this boat?

That every stone was a seed that already knows?

I’d be an angel of mercy, a Goddess, a King

A shepherd with time to receive prophecy

What if I knew? What if I knew?

This was a dream…"

We were brought to a rescue house. It was a 17th century French villa surrounded by water. We were given dry clothes to put on. My dress was way too big for me. I felt like I was playing dress up in my mother’s clothes. I was running around the villa with my faithful servant. We were children now and having a sword fight with wooden swords. I had faerie wings. He was dressed as a court jester. As I looked at his costume I saw that he had taken all my jewels and attached them to his own costume. But he had put them on the back of his clothes where they couldn’t even be seen or appreciated. I felt angry and betrayed. He did a little jig.

"Today I’m just me

Queen of the Faeries

And my only job is to heal the earth

While making merry.

What if I knew I was beautiful? I was strong?

What if I knew I was hope to those who fall?

That we live in the music, the flowers and trees

We are angels of mercy and the dreamer who dreams?

What if I knew? What if we knew?

This was a dream…..”

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